Based on our research made by our R & D,sector,the first generation of cutting machines and related blades imported to Iran during 1300-1310 (Iranian calendars) and the oldest versions were substituted gradually.
The import of new machines for cutting various types of metals , woods , stones , celluloid substances and even foodstuffs caused to increase the need for different groups of flat , band and circular saw blades.
Industrial growth and development during three decades has rapidly increased the utilizati- on of cutting blades which required millions of dollars annually before the establishment of Toos complex.
the need for such tools by industrial sectors and the holly enthusiasm sufficiency had encouraged Toos complex's founders to establish the first production plant to manufacture different types of circular saw blades such as friction saw blades and T.C.T up to 650mm in DIA in the year of 1373.
In the next phase the production of flat , hacksaw blades and circular up to 2000mm took place and inaugurated by high ranking officials.
All machineries , furnaces and related equipments supplied by the German Co. G.Paffenhoff.
The know-how and close and continuous supervision was granted by the pioneer in saw blades industry Mr.H.Mommenhof.
The required raw material being purchased from Germany , Sweden and Austria while T.C.T from Sweden and Luxemburg.
Management , staff and specialists in this complex sincerely hope to be helpful to industries with expert knowledge and proficiency for now and future.